Best accounting software for small businesses

Best accounting software for small businesses

Accounting can be the most difficult and boring part of a small business, with cost tracking and tax calculations, the two necessary evils. It is therefore not surprising that almost half of small businesses consider accounting as their least preferred task.

But with the right software, it can be fine with minimal pain.

Most accounting tools provide custom billing, payment tracking and full financial reporting, but choosing the right software for your business can be a challenge.

To make your selection easier, we tested 13 Small Business Account Management tools.

Sage, a UK-based company, offers one of the most comprehensive accounting software suites for online and computer accounting, with users VAT, bills, inventory, budgets, cash flow, and payroll.

Businesses can choose from a variety of packages: Sage Business Cloud Accounting, Sage 50cloud, Sage Financials and Sage Enterprise Management.

We recommend Sage 50cloud for small businesses looking to evolve. This accounting service offers three options: Sage 50cloud Essentials, Sage 50cloud Standard, and Sage 50cloud Professional.

With Sage 50cloud Standard, users can use a local client or a powerful cloud suite.

If you are already running Microsoft Office, Sage 50cloud can be integrated with Microsoft Office 356 so that Excel reports can be easily exported.

Users can also use remote access, an intuitive project calculation tool, and sound financial management.

In general, Sage One Accounting also targets startups and micro-businesses. It offers sales invoices, payment tracking, balance sheets and a tool for calculating and filing VAT returns to HMRC.

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