How companies can turn green

How companies can turn green

The environment is becoming more and more urgent for governments and businesses, but the economy, which is still focused on profits, has slowed down to become receptive to the environmental agenda.

But now that they realize that they can save valuable pounds and make the brand more attractive, technology companies are choosing to become greener – industry leaders like Apple, Google, and Capgemini.

Here are five ways companies can easily reduce their carbon footprint by adopting greener technologies.

Become paperless
This is one of the easiest ways to make your office a little greener, keep in mind that you probably have a paperless office anyway. Scanning documents and using paper-based cloud storage systems is a simple way to reduce the amount of paper in the office. It also makes the office more efficient because paper-based systems can quickly become chaotic and confusing. Cloud archiving is much more efficient and user-friendly.

Make sure your suppliers are environmentally friendly
In 2011, Apple came into conflict with environmental activists when it was discovered that it had teamed with Chinese companies that did not have the right waste. Since then, the company has been working to help its partners become greener and produce more ethical products.

When your company manufactures products, it is clear that you need to be ethical and environmentally aware about the origin and production of your products.

Reuse and recycling
As an extension of the paperless, you can also try to reuse and recycle everything you can do in the office. Typically, offices buy disposable pens that are thrown away as soon as they are empty. Instead, you can switch to pencils that can be refilled after exhaustion. In general, you can also use recycling to reduce the amount of waste produced by the Office for landfill. It can be as easy as recycling empty milk cartons in the kitchen.

You can also start recycling toilet paper and towels.

If your business has a retail outlet, you can ensure that the bags you deliver to customers are reusable. These can also be provided with the company logo to increase visibility.

Companies like 3 Step IT UK are even turning this mentality into technology products, having already refurbished more than 300,000 technological devices.

Adjust your energy needs
See how you can reduce the amount of energy you consume – it’s also a great way to save money. An easy way to do that is to switch to energy-saving bulbs or LEDs that last longer and use less energy.

If you are using old equipment, replace it with newer, more energy-efficient equipment.

If you want to go further, think about how your entire office works. Your current supplier might suggest switching to a green energy source such as solar or wind energy. This increases your bill, but only slightly.

Use green web hosting
An increasing number of green web hosts are involved in a variety of green activities, such as the use of renewable energy or the introduction of carbon offsets.

The change does not cost you, most of them offer their services for the same price or at a lower price than other hosts.

This also applies to the question of whether the data centers you use are environmentally friendly. For example, Capgemini emphasizes the use of more sustainable data centers as part of his broader efforts to turn green. ”

For example, our Merlin Data Center is an example of our innovation, “said James Robey, Capgemini’s Global Sustainability Manager, recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable and powered by renewable energy on a brownfield site with 95% recyclable materials.”

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